Saturday, January 10, 2009

Terra do Brasil

While in Rio I was able to try all these different delicious foods. Everything I tried I liked and miss a lot of the things I ate there. Rice and Beans...all the delicious meat! but probably most of all the fruit- my favorite bring JABUTICABA but that will have to discussed more in detail in a later entry..

Luckily last week my mom took me to a Brazilian Market located in downtown Columbus!!! She has told me about it many times because my cousin Nalita gets stuff from there occasionally but I never had the chance to check it out for myself. It is called Terra do Brasil (Earth of Brazil) and is a cute little shop on the Westside of Columbus. It had several things that I liked. My mom has always like the Pao de Queijo which can be found practically everywhere in Rio so we picked up a couple bags of that and I also found frozen packets of açaí which I was most excited about. It is a Brazilian fruit that is small, round, black-purple and looks kind of like a grape. I started eating these all the time when I would walk around the city. You can get it at corner cafes and the fruit it mixed with soda and then blended into a frozen drink. Sometimes people eat it with granola but I never tried it that way. The fruit is apparently prepared this way in Rio and Southern Brazil but much differently in Northern Brazil. In the North they sometimes eat the fruit salty. On its own, the fruit has a pretty pungent taste. Very strong and the texture of it is gritty.

Here is a pick of what it looks like served the way I had it...

As I said before I picked up a few packets and went home anxious to prepare a frozen drink for myself and let my family try it. didn't taste at all the same when I made it...not sweet enough..but I attempted to consume the rest of it so it wouldn't go to waste.

The market had other things I was tempted to purchase but don't have the money right now. Perhaps in a few weeks. They had the good coffee I like as well as some little treats my cousin Katie spoiled me with when we spent time in her studio each week.

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