Monday, October 26, 2009

May's trip to Rio

I was fortunate enough to have a dear friend of mine stop by Rio to see me. We had a wonderful week together and I was able to introduce her to many of my friends. It was pretty surreal having someone from home visiting but at the same time very nice. It was comforting and we had many good laughs about being gringas. Though the weather wasn't ideal during her stay, we visited a few of the highlights in Rio as well as some of the hidden gems. Here are some pics from our week!

and then from our night out with the group!

Piece #4

So I have a lot to fill everyone in on...but haven't had the time to write in the blog. So many pictures to post and stories to share. More this week, I hope! This piece was inspired by my trip to Paraty, a trip I made awhile back that I made a post about. I've decided to make a series of these boxes. Each will be inspired by something during my trip. Probably more so associated with a specific place. The main place or city (I should say) would obviously be Rio but also include the other places I have visited.