Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gallery Proposal. Viva Brasil!

Fellow artist and FRIEND, May Wilson and I have been working hard to develop a proposed exhibition for this coming spring at the Creative Alliance. The exhibition will consist of recreating some of my experiences and observations during our time traveling through Brazil. It was so full filling to create this proposal as a more thought provoking step in looking at what I was visually stimulated by in Rio. I am super excited about this project and am working on developing the first step with my google mapping project. Any input or comments are greatly appreciated!

This exhibition is a collaboration between two artists in order to reflect traveling and living in Brazil. A lot of the imagery relates directly to Rio de Janeiro, which is one of the largest and most well known cities in Brazil. Through sculpture and installations, viewers are invited to create a new visual identity of Rio by exploring the streets and interacting with the urban landscape. This kind of exploration is essential to the making of this work and these experiences are recreated for the viewer. Material choices reflect metaphors, connect deeper meaning and connect viewers to Brazil.

Upon entering the gallery space the viewer is confronted with "Abundance," a massive, cylindrical piece stacked floor to ceiling. Constructed of pallets and tree trunks, this serves as the armature for a chaotic web of telephone wires that extend across the ceiling space, enveloping the structure of the ceiling. On the joining wall are two pieces, one is "Bookbag" a cast iron bookbag resting on the gallery floor. The second, "Rua Differente" is a projection of Google Maps which walks viewers through Rua Nossa Senora and Rua Carioca. An interactive element will allow viewers to choose their own path. On the opposing wall is "Wanderless", an intricate landscape created with found newsprint native to Rio. The final piece is "Vending" a series of sculptures hanging from hooks on different racks inspired by the transient vendors that board public transit between stops throughout the city.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Google Maps no Brasil

As I was browsing the I do rather frequently now..I came upon this article discussing some recent controversy amongst the google mapping project that was just completed in Brasil. It allows for street views throughout much of the country. Apparently in the process, they captured some unpleasant scenes with victims on the street which surfaced some of the realities the country faces with poverty, drugs, and violence. Here the article I read:

In response there was a blog set up that allows for people to post the weird images they found whether it be disturbing or a computer glitch. Check it out. Pretty interesting.

Street Viu

Once reading about this...I naturally wanted to check out some areas I visited rather frequently when I was living in Rio. It ended up being a little addicting and was really cool to walk down the streets I traveled down on a daily basis. Brought back a lot of memories...I was trying really hard to try to pin point certain people that I knew were regulars on certain streets and areas of the city..whether they were homeless or someone working a stand..

I had luck with one. The picture below is in Humaitá which is a small neighborhood between Jardim Botanico and Botafogo. There is a man that sits on this block selling old magazines, records, and books. He is there long as the weather is decent and I walked that block a lot on my way to the Lagoa.

This picture above was another area I had hoped to capture more closely but unfortunately, being that it wasn't a street, it was rather difficult. On the corner of this block off of Rua Voluntarios sits some little stands where people make food and sell snacks. I was a frequent visit on my way to commuting to other points in the city. The first stand was run by a mother and daughter and I would way sandwiches from them almost daily so I became a familiar face.

This next picture below is the corner block where my cousin Lu lived. I would travel to her place a lot and often spend lunch and dinner with her mother and father. It is in an area of the city called Tijuca which tourists typically don't venture unless to visit places like the soccer stadium Maracanã.

The image above is the street entrance to my cousin Katie's studio. She and I developed a lot of work in the months I spent with her. She is a marquetry artist and taught me several different techniques about the craft when I lived with her. This past year, when I was preparing and making a piece for a gallery owned by the artist Joao Machado. It was located in Ipanema and was called PEÇAUNICA Katie let me use her studio as a space to work in and create the piece. Lots of memories. She was my studio buddy and will continue to be.

One of my favorite places to visit throughout the city was located in Centro or the downtown business district of the city. It had this interesting juxtaposition of the serious, business world of Cariocas in Rio but was placed on these historical streets with colorful, historical architecture. My favorite down there is actually Arco de Teles but it isn't on a main street, so you can't navigate through it from google maps.

The image above and directly below are taken outside of Rocinha, one of the largest favelas in Rio. It passed it on a daily basis being that my cousin Katie lived in Barra and Paulinho and Nalita lived in Botafogo. I lived at both of their houses, depending on what my plan were for the day or week. The picture above is the main entrance I took to go to when I was volunteering and briefly helping out with Instituto Dois Irmãos - Two Brothers Foundation. The image below shows what those that pass by on their commute see on a regular basis. Rocinha is unavoidable and over towers the mountain side between the tunnels cars pass through on their way throughout the city.

This last image is the street my friends Brunna and Adam lived on in Lapa. For many Lapa is kind of known as party central in Rio. The streets are flooded with people and tons of clubs are open with live music and dance floors. Brunna and Adam lived a little off the main street and I would visit them frequently on our way out for the evening.

That's all for now..I'll post more as I think about..

Monday, October 4, 2010

Studiooooo work- week 2

Being that the weekend was rather cold and has been rainy, I took advantage and spent my Sunday in the studio. As an extension of my last post about my progress and through researching cable as a material...I went to The Loading Dock last Tuesday to search for some wiring or cable. I stumbled upon a few materials to try out and came up with a technique that would be easily taught to others in order to produce the size of the piece I am considering.I am trying to come up with a weaving technique through somehow manipulating the material. Since this material is primarily made of rubber with no inner material, it can be easily cut with slits that allowed for the material to be looped inside one another.

Here are some photos from my process and the technique a I discovered. More to come Tuesday!

Here I was thinking about, what happens when the material is stretched and how might this become an advantage to work with if I were to make a large scale piece with this material..or how might it become an issue. Once it is stretched, it remains that way.

I made a few different color samples using the same technique. I am thinking that black might be most ideal, if I can find some.

Hanging vertically rather than horizontal, how does the material react and form?

I began to think about the aspect of the light that would become a key element with this material. Since I am forming shapes that allow for multiple outlets for light to pass through. This is an experiment by hanging the pieces off the wall. The gallery I am working with for me show, as high beams in the middle of the space that are accessable for hanging pieces and I was might be nice to have this piece hung from above in the middle in such a way that the light sources complete the piece on the opposing walls.

View from my studio at night. Pretty incredible.