Friday, January 23, 2009

Mr. Jorge

I am working on gathering some research for my next post and thought this would be a good time to post some drawings I did while I was in Brazil. I bought a sketch book to use and also kept a journal. I ended up using the journal more and made mini sketches most of the time and did a lot of writing and collages with images from the paper and little things I had collected.

These are some drawings of Mr. Jorge. Mr. Jorge is my cousin Katie's father in-law. He is a very sweet old man. I lived with him while I was in Rio because he lives in Katie and Victor's house. I would see him every morning because we got up around the same time..but occasionally I would sleep in later then him! He would say good morning to me and I would do the same. It was one of the few things I could say to him because I couldn't speak very good Portuguese and he couldn't speak English plus he was a little hard of hearing. Occasionally he would start talking to me in Portguese..trying to have a real conversation and I would attempt to listen but usually couldn't make out what he was asking me.

These drawings I made of him are from when he would sit in the family room and watch television. He liked watching futebol with Victor or sometimes novelas (soap operas). He was probably one of the best models I have ever had because he didn't move much unless he fell asleep. He is over 90 years old! He is a very kind man and I am glad that I met him. He loved to smile and seemed to fill the room with happiness.

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