Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my third home

Wow. What can I say about the last four months. Crazy. Life changing. Hectic. Scary. Great. FABULOUS. A huge learning experience. Learning more about myself everyday. What I like..dislike. was it a Failure? Success? success for sure but in areas I didn't expect I think. I went with high hopes for work and ended up traveling a lot instead..alone in fact and I liked it. I ended up meeting TONS of people. I feel like I have a life there now. My third home, I think. This trip was 10 times better than the last so I am expecting the next to be 20 times better. ha ha! I feel like I pushed my comfort level which was a big step for me. It felt good and I feel like I had some really valuable experiences on many different levels.

So I've been home about two weeks already..which is a little crazy to me. Start a new job on Monday, full time and on a hunt for a space to work. I realized when I was in Brazil. I kept talking to people and telling them I was an artist and in my head that is what I believe. I've had this conversation numerous times with my sister and she hates that term. I somewhat agreed with her for awhile but now or shall say lately..I've felt like using that word only makes me more determined to make it a reality. Being in Brazil allowed me to work on some ideas and in a studio sometimes twice a week and I loved it. I am hoping to start that here, in Ohio. I've had all these ideas in my head..for sculptures and installations. It is killing me I haven't started any sooooo I'm on the hunt for a space at the moment. Once I've found it the next few months will be focused on that along with grants...working full time at Cardinal Health will be tiring but for me it will keep me on schedule and focused. I'm excited and that's a good feeling to have.

A couple days ago I met with my cousin Nalita and I had the chance to share some of my stories from my trip. It felt really good. I was getting really into it. Talking way too fast and overly enthusiastic. It has been one of the rare occasions I was able to share my thoughts about the trip and there are so many. Lots of what I like to call Gringo moments...the ones that are surreal..many. But back to Nalita...She helped me look online and I found a visa I think I can apply for. It costs a bit but am thinking about saving to apply. That way I can look into work there at some point..legally. Either way that next year will involve a lot of life decisions that could lead me in many different paths.

Today I went to visit the OSU campus and Thursday I have a meeting with the director for the Art Education department there. I am keeping my options open for finishing this fall. Right now I am thinking Baltimore but that would involve me moving back there and the thought of moving petrifies me..I guess all the things to bring..though I would like to think I've become much more adaptable to owning less rather than more. I did live on a couch for 4 months... On the other hand, I've been wanting to find a space and start working. I have lots of things in storage to build a space and would want these close by. I could have my own woodshop at this point...but transporting them to Baltimore would be a pain...

my main reasons for wanting to go back to Baltimore are the obvious..friends, the facilities (specifically in terms of the metal shop and old professor friends) and networking. Less so the MAT department. Don't get my wrong. I think it is ok but can see myself finishing there but want to see the cost differences and what OSU has to offer. It is ranked the best in the country there...

So on top of being super busy, I am hoping to plan a trip back to Rio once this temp job ends. I was going to shoot of Carnaval but am not sure if I will make it. Tickets can be rather expensive..twice as much from what I have researched so far. But this trip would only be for a month and specific. even more refined than the last.

Alright I think I rambled on enough for one entry. hope it made somewhat sense.

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