Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tara or Paulo?

Paulo Jose Keffer Franco Netto

Tara Donovan

I promise you this entry was going to be much more substantial..but you be the judge. Both artists work are made with drinking straws. Which do you prefer? I hate to say it because I am a huge Tara Donovan fan but I like the Paulo's better.

The work below is by an artist named Jose Patricio. I found out about his work when I visited Sao Paulo a few months ago. The pieces below are made out of domingos!!

I am planning a second trip there this weekend to visit some additional galleries and hopefully do some networking. They have a residency program there as well I hope to look into.

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Anonymous said...

tara donovan hands down. my entire thesis was based on her work. She had a exhibition at the des monies art center this summer, it was amazing. I think I have a spare catalog if you want it <3