Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day #50!! Inspiration for some new work...

So I've realized my lack of posting once again..things never change with me but I am trying to remember!! I have been really busy the last few weeks!! between job searching, gallery searching, volunteering, and working in the studio I am staying pretty busy here and I love it!!

Here are a few photos of these trees that I like a lot. They are so strange..I pass them every day when I walk around the Lagoa. I have been trying to make it a daily occurance..

The work I have been making in the studio has been mostly wood work which is kind of nice. I have become a little addicted to is comforting for me to work on my pieces. I am only finished with two new ones and will post them soon!! I am very excited to share. I think what I like about this wood technique I am doing it that it is more traditional and I am focusing more on craft than anything else..nice change for a bit..

on the contrary I am beginning to organize some street installations I want to work centro but need assistance so I have put the idea on the back burner until the time is

more plants I like...

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