Monday, December 29, 2008

An Excuse to Practice My Portuguese...?

So let start by admitting that I am not the best when it comes to remember dates and deadlines especially those related to bills...While I was in Brazil I ordered Rosetta Stone through their 3 month online subscription and recently it was up but apparently it automatically renews itself after three months if you don't ended up paying for another three months! Needless to say I was a little bit upset with myself but decided I just have to make sure I take advantage of it and since things are a little bit slower here now I figure I'll have some time. I received a dictionary for Christmas from Jules so I am trying to start using that too.

Since it has become a regular habit in these entries I feel it is my duty to share the most recent movies I have watched with others, especially those that I think are thought provoking. The latest movie I watched is called Quase Dois Irmãos. (Almost Brothers) The film opens and closes with the main character saying: We all have two lives: the one we dream of and the one we live. It tells the story of two men who end up in prison together, one for political reasons and the other for committing a crime. It depicts their friendship and the social struggles faced by one another while in prison together as well as their current state. One ends up being a senator and the other a major drug dealer in one of the favelas in Rio. I was trying to find a clip to share but was having a hard time finding one with subtitles.

This clip above is from a movie called The Year My Parents Went on Vacation. It was a decent movie. I think one of my favorite parts was some of the music. This is the trailer from the film. Basically covers most of the major scenes from the film. It takes place in the 1970s. A boy is left at his grandfathers house because his parents are involved in political uprisings and decide to hide in fear of being caught by the government. It turns out the boys grandfather is dead when he is dropped off and his neighbor who was friends with his grandfather takes him in. It takes place in Sao Paulo and the boy resides in a Jewish Community.

One of the songs I liked from the movie. Roberto Carlous- Eu Sou Terrí­vel. I am terrible?

Last clip is from a movie called Central Station. Probably one of my favorites so far. This woman works in a station writing letters for people for a few reis each day. Through this she meets a single mother and her son who desperately are in search of the father and come to her to write a letter to send to him. The mother ends up being killed and the boy becomes abandoned in the station so the lady ends up taking him in and helps him search for his father. They end developing a friendship and help one another. This scene shows a few examples of the people who come to have letters written. Kind of funny.

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