Saturday, December 20, 2008

Movies. Movies. Movies

Since I've been pretty sick the last several weeks I decided to utilize my time to see some Brazilian movies. First being one called the Elite Squad that focused on the corrupt legal system in Brazil but specifically in relation to the favelas and police. It was a rather interesting movie. I think I might of actually liked it better than City of Gods. I also had the chance to watch a movie called Black Orpheus or Orfeu Negro in Portuguese. I enjoyed this movie a lot. One being that it is an old film. From 1959. It shows many views a top mountains looking down at Rio. Really beautiful. There are also lots of scenes with downtown Rio. I found myself recognizing places I had visited when I would walk downtown in Centro. Some of the old buildings down there are remarkable. The clip above is from the film. It is from the very end. The best part of the clip is definitely when the little girl starts dancing. Very cute. The large part of the film takes place during Carnival which I found interesting to watch. Another part of the film I enjoyed was the main character Orpheus. The role was played by Breno Mello. Handsome man I must say. Apparently he was as soccer player and actor during his lifetime. I guess in the last couple of years they made a documentary about the film and its relationship with today's Brazil, illustrating the vitality of Brazilian music, such as the Samba and Bossa-Nova. I was trying to find out where I could watch the documentary but am having trouble locating it anywhere.

I decided renting movies would be a another good way, besides music, for me to listen to more Portuguese being spoken. I am enjoying it. Also it has become good research. Not all are necessarily completely factual but it's fun. I have a few more coming in the mail via Netflix so I am looking forward to seeing what is next.

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