Monday, October 4, 2010

Studiooooo work- week 2

Being that the weekend was rather cold and has been rainy, I took advantage and spent my Sunday in the studio. As an extension of my last post about my progress and through researching cable as a material...I went to The Loading Dock last Tuesday to search for some wiring or cable. I stumbled upon a few materials to try out and came up with a technique that would be easily taught to others in order to produce the size of the piece I am considering.I am trying to come up with a weaving technique through somehow manipulating the material. Since this material is primarily made of rubber with no inner material, it can be easily cut with slits that allowed for the material to be looped inside one another.

Here are some photos from my process and the technique a I discovered. More to come Tuesday!

Here I was thinking about, what happens when the material is stretched and how might this become an advantage to work with if I were to make a large scale piece with this material..or how might it become an issue. Once it is stretched, it remains that way.

I made a few different color samples using the same technique. I am thinking that black might be most ideal, if I can find some.

Hanging vertically rather than horizontal, how does the material react and form?

I began to think about the aspect of the light that would become a key element with this material. Since I am forming shapes that allow for multiple outlets for light to pass through. This is an experiment by hanging the pieces off the wall. The gallery I am working with for me show, as high beams in the middle of the space that are accessable for hanging pieces and I was might be nice to have this piece hung from above in the middle in such a way that the light sources complete the piece on the opposing walls.

View from my studio at night. Pretty incredible.

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