Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gallery Proposal. Viva Brasil!

Fellow artist and FRIEND, May Wilson and I have been working hard to develop a proposed exhibition for this coming spring at the Creative Alliance. The exhibition will consist of recreating some of my experiences and observations during our time traveling through Brazil. It was so full filling to create this proposal as a more thought provoking step in looking at what I was visually stimulated by in Rio. I am super excited about this project and am working on developing the first step with my google mapping project. Any input or comments are greatly appreciated!

This exhibition is a collaboration between two artists in order to reflect traveling and living in Brazil. A lot of the imagery relates directly to Rio de Janeiro, which is one of the largest and most well known cities in Brazil. Through sculpture and installations, viewers are invited to create a new visual identity of Rio by exploring the streets and interacting with the urban landscape. This kind of exploration is essential to the making of this work and these experiences are recreated for the viewer. Material choices reflect metaphors, connect deeper meaning and connect viewers to Brazil.

Upon entering the gallery space the viewer is confronted with "Abundance," a massive, cylindrical piece stacked floor to ceiling. Constructed of pallets and tree trunks, this serves as the armature for a chaotic web of telephone wires that extend across the ceiling space, enveloping the structure of the ceiling. On the joining wall are two pieces, one is "Bookbag" a cast iron bookbag resting on the gallery floor. The second, "Rua Differente" is a projection of Google Maps which walks viewers through Rua Nossa Senora and Rua Carioca. An interactive element will allow viewers to choose their own path. On the opposing wall is "Wanderless", an intricate landscape created with found newsprint native to Rio. The final piece is "Vending" a series of sculptures hanging from hooks on different racks inspired by the transient vendors that board public transit between stops throughout the city.

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