Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New thing in Rio- photos and exploring...

Since my time here is passing by rather quickly, my plan for the next few weeks is to really focus on capturing and seeing as much as I can around the city. New experiences and revisting a few places as well. In particular, I am hoping to spend a few days in Sao Paulo and possibly a week or more in Volta Redonda. I think I finally had an IN to visit the factory..meaning..I can really see what the steel mill is like. I am very excited.

This past weekend I went on a photo excursion with some people from the Couch Surfing community. People from all over came and we went around the city visiting some great sites around the city and some new areas I had never been. It was really nice and something I would enjoy doing every weekend here. We are planning another trip this coming weekend..as long as the rain stays away. Lately it has been pretty crazy..we had so much rain the last two days. The streets all flooded and many people couldn't work.

The week started out great! I installed my new sculpture in Ipanema. Here are some pics from the installation. Joao had an assistant who helped me hang the piece. He was a lot of help and very nice.

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