Friday, March 12, 2010

Once again..I am slacking on the blog. I do apologize for any frequent readers. I am guessing though..that the majority have lost interest due to my inconsistantcy updates! I would like to give props to a Miss Sara Barnes. I check her blog every now and then and she is always on top of things with updates..wish I could say the same. But anyhow. I will try to make up for it now. It~s currently 530 in the morning and due to the heat today..I am having trouble sleeping. A start to an early day!! The sun is already coming up! So I wanted to share a few pics. Still haven^t taken many but am hoping the warm weather holds out for the weekend. I would like to finally get some sun. I am getting a little tired of the strange looks I get when people see how pastey white my legs are. ha ha. Though today on the bus..I noticed a girl sitting close to me that was whitter than I was and I am pretty sure she was Brazilian.

Oh and here I am..nice and white. My friend Claudinha took me to a cachoeira. A beautiful waterfall in the Foresta Tijuca. It was a nice little hike up to this place and well worth it.

I wanted to dedicate this sharing my experience or experiences on the bus in Rio. Now that I am working in Barra. I commute pretty much all week from Botafogo to Barra. It is not the best commute but there are many things I enjoy about as well as many things that really irritate me. First off I would like to think I am a rather patient person..but yesterday the bus commute was driving me crazy. On average the ride lasts about 1-2 hours. It really depends on the time of day and whether or not there is an accident or an event going on in some part of the city. Lately it has tended to take around 2 hours. Ive been trying for the last several trips to find the fastest route. There is only one bus that passes right near my place and goes directly to where I need to go in Barra. The only problem is it doesn~t come very often and is rather small. Small meaning..many times you get on and people pack in until there is no room left to breathe. Mix that with 90 degree weather and no air conditioning....and you have yourself a hell of an experience..oh and when I say that pack in..I really mean sardines. Just when you think another person cant squeeze in..the bus stops and someone else gets on..somehow..somewhere.

Now the more positive. The best part of the bus right is really the scenery. Since you are on the bus for so long and travel fairly get to see many different areas of the city. You start in a average, typical neighborhood in the South Zone of Rio. Then travel past the botanical gardens and Gavea which are more ritzy. Then through a long tunnel that opens to more view of Gavea and the American school from above..then another tunnel that is much longer and more irritable when stopped in the middle. Sometimes when the traffic is really backed up, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is the only thing I can think about..once it opens up, it~s like a whole other world. You look to your left and see an enormous hillside home to over 200,000 people..Rocinha. One of the largest favelas in Rio and can catch quick glimpses of the streets which are always full of people walking. Past that you see the Pedra da Gavea where depending on the day you might find people hang gliding from the mountain and those that have landed on the pass though another quick tunnel that opens to a beautiful view of the ocean and on your right an luscious hillside with lots of beautiful green vegatation that has large house intermixed along the hill. I often dream of having a place like that myself..someday. There is one tunnel left that finally ends with a full view of Barra. From there it is usually smooth sailing. Another 15 minutes and Ive arrived.

Id like to document this experience more..but still havent figure out the best way to go about it..

Here are some more pics!

There was a huge flood here this past weekend and because of it..I had a hard time getting home Saturday night. I was stuck on the street and couldnt make it across the street to get I stood and waited with a few other are a few pics. It~s amazing how quickly the rain came and filled the streets..pretty unbelievable. I was actually on the bus in Lapa, visiting some friends and the rain started when I left for Botafogo. I got there in 20 minutes and the bus driver opened the door to let people out..and no one was exiting..the water was too high. So I road the bus past my house to another area and waited. eh.

This is the space where I will show my piece next month!

Here is where I sometimes work in Katie~s home

This is my crazy but fun friend Brunna. This was taken at a great sushi place she took me in Lapa. Later that day we went to a cool outdoor fair they have once a month with crafts and antiques. I am thinking about making some things to sell next month there.

Also..about SUSHI! My friend Tato..took me out for Sushi a few weeks ago and now I am addicted. I hadnt eaten it since Freshman year after a bad I am addicted! Man! Was I missing out!

Marina and I! In Lapa during Carnival!

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