Tuesday, August 11, 2009


These I made a few weeks ago. They are a wedding gift for my cousin.

This was an experiment to see whether or not it might be interesting to mix some wood work with the newspaper. Not sure if I like it but am planning to make more.

On Saturday I met with a new friend named Olivia in Santa Teresa. Santa Teresa is one of my favorite parts of the city for a number of reasons. One being you feel like you aren´t in Rio for awhile because you are away from all the hustle and bustle on the streets and just looking down at everything. The view is quite breathtaking. Also the area is home to a lot of artists and studio spaces.

I met Olivia through a website called Couchsurfers. She is from England and is studying at PUC for the semester. From the start she was very welcoming to any way she could be of help to me during my stay in Rio. We had a nice conversation while having pizza and put me in contact with some people who are apart of artist collectives!! She came to Rio to study Brazilian cinema. I was really impressed with what she has done during her time here. You can tell she definitely has a love for Rio because of her knowledge about the city and willingness to offer lots of advice for places to go.

She introduced me to a few people that are organizing art projects centered around using recycled materials. I am anxious to see what I might be able to get involved in.

I have a busy rest of the week ahead of me. Tomorrow I am traveling through centro to visit some spaces and drop of my information in hopes of organizing a show of some sorts. I also have a meeting with a family in Barra about a potential nanny job for a little boy who attends the American school near where I am staying. Keep your fingers crossed!!

São Paulo post soon!! I promise. I´ve written three pages so far and am still not finished..ha ha

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