Wednesday, August 19, 2009

eu falo portugues...well kind of

For the past couple of weeks I have had a few experiences where people have asked me for directions which I find kind of humerous. I was going to the bus stop the other day and a woman was waiting there for the bus and muito rapido asked me if the bus comes here today. I told her to say it slower...devagar para me por favor..and I was able to answer her question! but then about 15 minutes later while I was on the bus the woman next to me was looking for someone to rant to and unfortunately she picked the wrong person to sit next to. I tried really hard to understand what she was saying and was pretending to acknowledge all of her words and thoughts..just didn't have anything to say or contribute..and somehow it was ok. I could make out she was upset about the cost for the long it takes to get from the area we were in to the metro stop..and then some other words..mentioned the television? Americans? I don't know what else..a few things..ha ha. I was going to tell her I didn't understand but decided to just go with it and see what happens..

Luckly I started meeting with a tutor this week so that will help. I also am going to be volunteering in a favela in Copacabana. There is a school right when you enter that is looking for more volunteers who speak english and I went there with a friend who organizes a program there. I met with the coordinator and told her about my teaching experience and we are setting up a class with students that are interested in art. I brought in the recent frames I made and they said the students would enjoy working on something this so I am going to do a workshop. Very exciting! I've become much more comfortable getting around now and speaking more of the all comes within time.

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