Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ROY G BIV Art Show

I recently had a show in Columbus, Ohio and it was a great chance for me to make a few new pieces and try to get back into making some new work. I am happy to say I made two new pieces that I think haven't fully been explored but have a lot of potential. I took a bunch of pictures of the pieces which need some editing but I wanted to be sure to share them. Any feedback would be helpful! I ended up tinting some of the windows with a teal window tint to recreate the color in the warehouse. I thought that since the front of the gallery space has these huge windows that generate a lot of light that I might as well take advantage of it in a purposeful way. It casted a beautiful tint over many parts of the space. I loved it. Just like I imagined.


sneph said...

yay I'm glad you are posting again!

I wish I could see the teal tint more in the pictures! But i bet it's hard to catch in pictures.

say, so now I remember you mentioning adding some color to your newspaper pieces.

Can you tell more bout those yellow/green papers?

Jaime Bennati said...

The images of the colored pieces has the ties that were covered around each pack of newsprint so I had fold them and glue them and then insert the pieces with the rest of the newspaper. I started keeping all the ties and thought they should somehow be incorporated in it.