Thursday, July 15, 2010


During the last few weeks of my time in Rio, I had the opportunity to help out at a center inside a favela called Rocinha. The picture below is an above shot of the place. I believe it is the largest favela in Rio and located next to some of the most wealthiest neighborhoods in the city. It was of great interest to me mostly because of my daily occurrences with seeing the place while taking the bus from Katie's to Paulinho's house. I had a friend who was active in a center teaching English and had told me how they wanted to start having some art classes so for about two weeks I helped out a few days. Here are some pic from what we worked on. It was a really interesting and memorable experience I think I will never forget. I hope I can do it again but next time knowing much more Portuguese... it was a struggle communicating my thoughts with the kids but we got some good laughs out of my pronunciation of words..

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